Reissue Campaign

Detroit’s legendary Westbound Records has teamed up with vinyl specialist label Org Music to re-launch with a series of remastered, celebrated funk and soul albums. 

Founded in 1968 by Armen Boladian, Detroit’s Westbound Records proved to the world that thrilling sounds were still coming from Detroit, after Motown left the city. From humble beginnings, this important independent label soon grew to be a powerhouse that influenced music worldwide.

Funkadelic’s debut album alone would be enough to secure Westbound’s legacy, let alone a roster that includes Ohio Players, Junie Morrison’s solo albums, The Detroit Emeralds, Denise LaSalle, The Counts, Dennis Coffey and so many more who continue to deeply influence soul, R&B, rock, funk and beyond. Westbound eventually expanded to include the experimental offshoot Eastbound Records and Sound of Gospel, one of the largest independent gospel labels in the world that set off seismic changes in faith-based music.

After a decade-long process of rescuing, preserving, and restoring Westbound’s original master tapes, these groundbreaking recordings have been remastered by award winning engineer Dave Gardner with restoration and tape transfers by archival specialist Catherine Vericolli, and additional engineering assistance from in-house 54 Sound engineer Nick King.

Org Music is a US-based, internationally distributed record label which specializes in vinyl releases and reissues. With nearly 500 releases to date, Org Music have reissued music from dozens of catalogs, including a wide variety of genres and artists.

The Westbound relaunch is guided by a commitment to properly compensate the original performers, musicians and songwriters for their great work. Reissues in the series include releases from The Counts, Dennis Coffey, Assemblage, Eramus Hall, Funkadelic, and many more to be announced.